Bird Photography Workshop


Get started in Bird Photography in this four hour workshop that includes an hour and a half in-class learning, and two hours in the field shooting at Cherry Hill Gate / Hendrie Valley. A long lens will help, but the nice thing about Hendrie Valley is the friendliness of the birds! We will bring them food and they will be eating right out of your hand!

In this Four Hours we will explore:

  1. Gear that can help you get great shots

  2. Camera Settings

  3. Planning your Shoot

  4. Composition

  5. Post-Processing

After the workshop, we will share images with each other for critique.

In class will take place at my house on Saturday evening at 7:30pm. Sunday morning we will meet at 8am at the Cherry Hill Gate entrance to Hendrie Valley. 

Payment instructions will be sent when you sign up.

Ask about dates -7:30pm - 9pm - My house

-8:00am - 10:30am - Hendrie Valley Shoot

Fee: $60
Advanced registration required; limited to 6.


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