Experimentation - Toronto in the Distance

Cityscapes at Night

So, when I recently shot Hamilton at night from the Jolley Cut, I was also looking to get shots of the Skyway with Toronto in the background. Unfortunately that night was not clear enough to see Toronto. Snow was coming and it was too hazy. 

Last night I was home, and the forecast was for clearer weather. Plus, it was not too cold! So I went out and got some shots. I wasn't happy with any of them, but I think I know what to try when I go out again!

1. Toronto seems to hazy, and not sharp enough. The solution might be focus stacking. I've never tried it, but will definitely give it a go!

2. Stability. I was using my Panasonic 100-400mm lens, and was using the full 400mm. That's right at the limit of what my tripod head can handle. I was using a 2 second timer, but could still see some camera shake. Next time I'll use my cable remote to keep the camera more steady.

3. Experiment - Get out and try something new, and, if you're not happy with the results, try and figure out why, so you can try again and improve!

So, here's 1 image from last night, and we'll see in the near future if I can improve on it! 

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!