What To Share? - Niagara Falls

What to share?

When you pay attention to photography sites, news, and social media, you're going to come across situations and think 'I've got to get out and shoot that!'. This happened in January when everyone was talking about how much ice had formed at Niagara Falls.

So, off we went to shoot the falls at night! Got some great images I was really happy with. Talked to a couple of photographers out shooting as well. And got really cold!! It was a fun shoot.

Next morning, while going through the images and also seeing what others were posting I realized that the shot I liked best was very similar to a bunch of shots already shared by others. So, the choice becomes, do I share the shot I'm most happy with, or not?

I chose to find other shots that were different to share, and to hold back my favourite until a time when I could share it and not show the same shot as everyone else. So here it is!

First, the image I shared, and second the image I liked at the time.

It makes me think, if I hadn't seen the other images, and had shared the second image, would I even have noticed the first one? Because now that it's out there, I really like it as well!

This is one reason to go back and look at your older shoots a few months after you were there. You lose some of the inner emotion of the shoot and you will be able to see what other good shots you got! 

So, go back 6-months into your images and try and see your images through new eyes. You might find images that you missed that could be fantastic!

What I Shared - ISO 200 / 91mm / ISO 200 / 6.0 seconds

What I Liked - ISO 200 / 85mm / f/22 / 10 seconds