Changing Seasons

Winter to Spring. 

The past year has seen a shift in my photography from Birds to Landscapes. But, the transition to Spring has brought back my desire to photograph birds for a number of reasons.

1. Variety. Spring migration will bring an increased variety of birds to the area, allowing you to get out and see more Thant the 'regulars' of the area. 

2. Mating Season. This time of year many birds are nesting and having young. You can capture nest building, as well as baby and juvenile birds. The cuteness factor is way up!

3. Drab landscapes. We've lost the beauty of the snow, and have yet to see the greens of new growth. Many landscapes have a drab, dirty, brown look to them that doesn't appear as photogenic

4. Sunrise is getting earlier! I love being out at sunrise, but with sunrise times creeping towards 6am it's harder to get up in time when I can sleep in a bit and go out and photograph birds!

So, birds it is! At least for a while. Let's see where the Spring and Summer months take us!

Cardinal with Nesting Material