Hamilton Tiger Cats in Action!

Football is back!

Well, I can't say that I'm a huge football fan, but having CFL Football in our city does present some good photographic opportunities!

During a walk along the mountain brow earlier this spring I was looking for angels and compositional opportunities to come back to later when Tim Horton's Field was lit up and in use.

Friday night was the first opportunity, with the opening of the Pre-Season for the Ti-Cats.

This is a 2 shot panorama, and each shot was a 5 shot HDR.

I used a panorama because I was using my 100-400mm lens and even at 100mm could only get the stadium in the shot. I wanted to include some of the surrounding industry as well.

And HDR was used because, with how brightly the stadium is lit up, a normal exposure would either result in a blown out field or completely black surroundings.

Turned out OK, but I'll head out during some of their other games to try and improve on it!