Mobil 1 Grand Prix

It's the season for motorsports photography for me.

The 2 standard events are the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, QC, and the Toronto, ON Indycar even in mid-July. The downside of these two events are the number of people who attend and the tough sightelines for photography.

Both events are busy and very safety conscious. Lots of fencing between you and the cars. Also, because they are temporary circuits, they tend to be not as open for great photos unless you're lucky enough to be one of the event photographers.

So, at least once a year I try and get out to an event at Mosport Park, now known as Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, with the main choices being the IMSA Mobil 1 Grand Prix, or the VRAC Vintage weekend.

Both events allow you to get up close to the cars in the paddock between their sessions, and there are great places to photograph the action around the circuit as well!

This year I got out to the Sunday for the Mobil 1 Grand Prix to see the main race of the weekend. Man, those prototypes are fast! When you're that close to the cars you can really get the sense of just how fast they are going.

Some shooting observations:

1. Don't wear sunglasses if you have an EVF. The polarization will make the EVF hard to see!

2. Work your way down from a faster shutter speed and get slower over time as your panning improves. 

3. Move around and try different angles and different corners, so you don't end up with hundreds of the same shot! We walked around the whole circuit and then half way around again the the few hours we were there.

4. Make sure you enjoy the racing as well! 

So, Indycar in Toronto this weekend. We'll see what I can get! :)

Moss Corner, Mobile 1 Grand Prix, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Bowmanville, ON