Decrew Falls Outing

The Outing

Went on a nice outing with my friend Desiree Tong yesterday morning. She is near Niagara Falls and I'm in Hamilton, so we met in St. Catharines to check out Decrew Falls for the first time. Met at 7:30am and hiked down to the falls. Quite a hike to safely get to the bottom!

We reached the lower falls, and with the snow and ice around it, decided that was as far as we would go for the first time! I'll go back for sure though to explore it more!

What I Learned

In each blog post I'll try and tell you something about the shoot. What techniques were used, or what I learned from it.

On this shoot I learned to plan your route before you arrive. We arrived at the car park with no idea how long it was going to take to reach the falls. Took a lot longer than we thought! Next time I'll get there earlier!

Lower Decrew Falls