Detail in the Falls

The Outing

Had time this morning to head out to Tiffany and Sherman Falls in Ancaster. I had seen some images of Tiffany Falls win ice and wanted to check it out. 

Got there soon after sunrise. I was the only one there! Spent some time at the falls and then taking some more detailed shots of the river on the way back to the car.

What I Learned

Heading out, I had a shot idea in my head to look for. Last year I has a detail shot of the stream near the parking lot that I loves, so I wanted to keep an eye out for similar details as I walked to the falls. Just as I started up the trail I looked down at the river and spotted a couple of really nice looking ice formations! Perfect! 

So, a couple of things to remember:

1. Not all great shots will be at your destination. Keep an eye out as you make your way to and from your original end location.

2. Remember your previous shots, or what you have seen others shoot at the location you are heading to. Don't be stuck with one idea. Be adaptable to the situation

Flow around the Ice at Tiffany Falls