Sometimes You Get Nothing

The Outing

Went out to the Burlington Lift Bridge for sunrise. Hoping for maybe some nice ice on the rocks and a colourful sunrise. But, we had neither today!

So, I headed down to the waterfront trail East of Hutches. Met a fellow photographer and chatted for a bit (Hi Marty!), and saw a Bald Eagle who flew away before we could get close enough for any shots.

Sometimes that's the way it goes!

What I Learned

Sometimes you walk away from an outing without any great shots. I will share one that's ok, but it would never be a portfolio shot.

So, a couple of things to think about:

1. In Nature photography, you cannot control nature! 

2. So, be adaptable and ready to switch to different shots as the environment demands

3. Enjoy being outside! Sometimes that's enough!