50 Point Sunrise

The Outing

Finally! Got out to 50 Point this morning and there was actually some colour! Usually I go when it's either overcast and grey, or actually raining. Tons of Ice along the shore right now. The piers close to shore are part of the shore now, and the one normally farther out in the water is quite close!

So, it was a chance to get some different perspectives than normal!

What I Learned

1. Get there early! I was there almost an hour before sunrise. 50 Point had really changed since the last time I was there so I was glad to have to time to re-explore and find a composition before the sun came up.

2. Be adaptable! I had a plan to use my 100-400mm lens to get both piers and the sunrise in one shot, using the longer focal length to bring the back pier closer to the front one. But, soon after getting there I realized that shot wouldn't work with all the snow and ice there right now. I'll save that shot for another day, and switched to the 16-40mm lens.

3. Look around. It's tempting just to shoot towards the sunrise, but there were some nice angles and colour with the sun to my side and back as well.