Winter Photography Tips!

Winter Photography

Winter photography can be very rewarding. Braving the cold can give you an opportunity to get some great shots that you can't get any other time of the year. But, the winter carries with it some special features you have to prepare for, mainly the snow and the cold.

Here are a few things to think about when planning your next winter outing.

icy camera.jpg

Early in my shooting career I didn't even notice how much spray was on my lens until after shooting at Websters Falls!

Winter Tips

1. Get out early! If you're not a morning person and don't relish the idea of getting up at 4am in the summer to try and catch a sunrise, then wait for winter! The days are shorter, so sunrise is not as early!

2. Watch the forecast and be ready for the weather! How cold will it be? Will it be windy? Is it going to snow? Dress in layers. Use hand warmers. Be ready for the cold. If you're waiting on the light of a sunrise, you may be standing in the cold for a while. Be Ready!

3. Protect your gear. Most cameras are pretty good at surviving the elements, but watch the little things. Shooting a waterfall? Watch the spray! It can freeze on your lens making hard to get off.

4. Bring extra batteries. The cold will suck the life out of them quicker than you are used to.

5. Be adaptable, especially around water. Ice formations can change the look of waterfalls and the shore areas daily! Keep going back to your favourite locations in winter to see how the weather changes them.

6. Have Fun! Some days you might not get the shot you were after, but you will still get to experience great winter locations. Don't forget to enjoy your time with nature!