From The Archives - Galapagos Islands Birds

Galapagos Islands Birds

I thought I'd go back and re-visit my Galapagos Islands shots. It's amazing how your eye changes over the years! First, you might now notice and like shots you would have passed over originally. Second, your post-processing workflow might have changed and improved, changing the final look of an image. 

So, a goal in 2018 will be to go through some of my older shoots and look for gold! 

Here's a couple to show you. First is a Darwin Finch. Loved the effect the wind was having on his feathers. Second is a Flightless Cormorant. I really worked to bring out the green in his eye, and loved the negative space around him.

Stay tuned for further posts from the Archives!

Darwin Finch, Galapagos Islands

Flightless Cormorant, Galapagos Islands